Back In Mid Summer 2016!!!

Jun 05 2016

We're Back!!!!!! After a bit of reinventing ourselves and redesigning the V-4 we're back and we even got more wicked!! All new one piece tip and body that's fully hardened 17-4 Stainless Steel. A redesigned tip that's hollow ground for a more efficient bone shattering hit. Now for the best part, the price. We are going to be at a market standard that gives you more in a broadhead than any other broadhead manufacturer on the market!!!!

We said it before and say it again. "Something wicked, this way comes!!!" You haven't seen anything yet!!!!!     

We are completely SOLD OUT of heads, Thank you!!!!

Sep 11 2014

I know we have been saying that something wicked comes your way and it is! We also want to thank all of you for your orders and support. 2014 has been an exciting year for FMJ Designs and it's all because of you!! You graced us with your confidence to take us on your hunts and you helped prove why FMJ Designs V-4 Broadheads out perform all the rest. With that being said, we are happy to announce that FMJ Designs is completely sold out. That doesn't mean the fun stops here, oh heck no!!! We are working on somethings that will make us bigger and badder than ever before!
The awesome pro-staffer's we have are warming up to have the best year yet with their V-4's. Big, beautiful, and some nasty things are about to drop to the V-4's and you will see it all.
We also want to thank our families for picking up the slack of us being in the shop or on the phone. When you spend every night and every weekend in the shop things slip and they stepped up to fill in.
This may sound like a farewell speech but I can assure you it's not! This is the prelude to something even better, that's a guaranty!!
"Something Wicked This Way Comes and it's called FMJ Designs!"

ATA Show 2014

Dec 29 2013

January 6-9 will be the ATA's 2014 trade show in Nashville. We will be there in booth 48. FMJ Designs will be bringing two new addition's to the V-4 line. The V-4 Fixed blade and the V-4 HS. The V-4 Fixed blade is devastating on target and tack driving accurate. The best part of the fixed blade is that you now have the ability to go from fixed to mechanical and back again with one head. The second addition is the V-4 HS. For you that have a need for speed we answered you requests. The V-4 HS is for those that shoot 330fps or more. This isn't your typical head because now you have one head that can go on your compound bow or crossbow. 

If the debut of two new products wasn't enough we are bringing the proof of the V-4 experience. On Monday from 1-4 we will have Smacked TV and Rack n Roll Outdoors. These guys dropped more Pope and Young animals with the V-4 in one month than most do in one year. Stop by and meet the guys and let them tell you how the V-4 performed. 

Now, that is really good for one year but that isn't good enough for us. We took all the prices of the V-4 broadhead 3 packs and slashed them to $65.00. 

Hope to see you all at the show and from now on we will be updating this page as more news comes available and if more trophies drop. We also will give a day by day update of the show in Nashville.

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